EcoBike USA has launched a blog which will feature news, updates, stories and resources for electric bicycle enthusiasts. We aim to help the public get to know both our products and our company, while increasing customer-manufacturer communication and interaction.

EcoBike is an international designer of high-quality electric bicycles.  Our flagship bike is the Vatavio, a fold-and-carry electric bicycle that weighs only 48.6 pounds.

In the past year, EcoBike has been undergoing tremendous expansion in the US, especially in the Pacific Northwest.  In 2009, we will release the Adventure, a crossover electric bike that can handle off-road trails.  With the fuel crunch and an increasing awareness of environmental and health concerns, the upcoming year should be a great one for the electric bicycle industry.

Please add us via the subscription link in the sidebar if you would like to stay informed.  We anticipate having much good news to share as EcoBike grows and expands in the US.