Chris Robertson just posted an article, “How to Fit Electric Bikes Into Your Lifestyle.”  He explores the advantages of electric bike ownership and how to use an electric bike for exercise.  Robertson does a great job of explaining why so many people enjoy using electric bicycles for commuting to work —

“Using your electric bike for commuting back and forth to work helps clear your mind and makes you feel good all day. When you ride your electric bike to work, you don’t have to worry about the excess perspiration, which can be an issue with a conventional bike on warm days. You move faster on the electric bike, which increases wind chill, thus keeping you cool. When the weather is hot, you maintain a normal speed by letting the electric motor take over. In cold weather, you can turn the motor off.  Once you arrive at work, you have a few minutes to relax because of the time saved by not having to ride the bus or go through the hassle of searching for a parking space.”

Read the whole article, “How to Fit Electric Bikes Into Your Lifestyle,” on Moon Light Coming.