City of San Jose Gets Green and Orders EcoBikes

SAN JOSE, CA – The City of San Jose has ordered EcoBike electric bicycles for their employees to use for work-related trips around town.

San Jose is the first US city to order these clean and quiet electric bikes for their employees.  In June 2008, Scott Shaw, president and co-developer of the EcoBike, introduced the Mayor of San Jose Chuck Reed to the Elegance EcoBike.  After the Mayor took a test spin, the City ordered six EcoBikes for employees to use for everyday transportation.   Using EcoBikes instead of gasoline-fueled cars will reduce the environmental impact of short trips around town on government business.

The changing economic climate that has presented a challenge for many businesses has actually increased interest in the EcoBike.  Higher gas prices and environmental awareness have made consumers, and now the City of San Jose, interested in transportation alternatives.  EcoBike has responded to that interest by offering a responsible, affordable, and fun way to commute to work and run errands.  Scott Shaw explains, “I wanted to do something good for the environment, and my main goal was a quality product that was good for people socially and physically.”

EcoBike is based in Medford, Oregon.  Photos, reviews, and ordering information can be found on the EcoBike electric bicycle website at

EcoBike North America Inc.
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Medford, OR 92501
Phone 541-210-5546