images1If you’re new to owning an electric bike, you might be concerned about bike theft.  What kind of lock should I get?  Where should I lock my bike up?  How can I protect my shiny, new investment?

Unbreakable Bonds recently posted their top ten cities for bike theft.  As you might expect, the list includes Philly, Chicago, NYC, and San Fran.  More surprising are towns like Cambridge, New Haven, and Austin.  For the top 10 list, check out the Top 10 Cities for Bike Theft.

But the kind people at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance have posted a thorough set of tips for keeping your bike safe.  This is especially important when you’ve got a electric bike.  They discuss how to choose a lock, a locking location, and what bike features to be mindful of.  Read Don’t Get Your Bike Stolen for the full run down on protecting your new investment.