bike20lane20smA Pioneer Press article recently featured a passage with a rider review of the EcoBike Vatavio:

Joshua Foss, of Northeast Minneapolis, uses an EcoBike e-bike on a roughly one-mile commute to his office.

“It’s the bee’s knees,” he said. “I can hop on the bike while wearing decent clothes, and I do not have to worry about breaking a sweat.”

His EcoBike model is the kind that folds, too, so he can stash it in the back of his Smart Car hatchback if necessary.

“But honestly, for anything within a three- to four-mile radius, I don’t even think about hopping in my car,” he said. “I want to ride my bike.”

“There are times when I’m Bluetoothing on a conference call while riding past people in their bike gear,” he said. “They all do goofy double-takes because it does not look like I should go that fast. They know something is up. Those are the moments that are cool.”

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