We’ve known for a while now that commuting to work on an electric bike instead of driving a car can save big money, but a blogger in Charlotte has crunched the numbers to prove it.  This particular fellow is focusing on no longer commuting by car, and here’s what he calculates as the savings, both in dollars and emissions:

Here are the facts:

  • The average cost of premium gasoline, which my car requires, for Charlotte in January and February was  $2.931
  • The distance of my commute by car is 8.1 miles.
  • The distance of my commute by bike is 7.4 miles.
  • The distance to my closest bus stop is 1.1 miles
  • The cost per trip for the bus is $1.05.
  • I burn about 66 carolies per mile on my bicycle.
  • My car emits .932 pounds of CO2 per mile.

The fixed yearly costs for my car are the following (I own my 2002 Volkswagen GTI without a loan payment):

  • Vehicle Registration: $32
  • Property Tax: $137
  • State Vehicle Inspection: $30
  • Regular Maintenance: $204 (Performed at Volkswagen dealership)
  • Automobile Insurance: $400 (We have two cars on our policy and this is the difference if one were removed)
  • Depreciation: $1646 (straight line depreciation from my cars purchase price to it’s current BB market price).

Assuming I commute to work  220 days per year, these fixed costs translate into about $0.78  per mile cost.

In two months I have had the following impact:

  • I’ve saved $47 in gasoline expenses and the equivalent of $457 in fixed costs for a total savings of $471.49 when accounting for bus costs.
  • Burned 22,356 calories which if I had been eating a normal diet is the equivalent of 6.4 pounds of fat!
  • I have kept 543 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere (19.546 lbs per gallon and my car gets an average of 21 MPG).

Simply multiplying these numbers for the year would equal 3260 pounds of CO2 kept out of the atmosphere, $2542 dollars saved, 134,000 calories burned, and 38.3 pounds of fat.  If I had a car loan payment for a $20,000 the savings jumps to $7900!

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