If passed, the recently introduced Active Community Transportation Act (H.R. 4722) would create a federal grant program to fund local projects aimed at improving conditions for pedestrians and cyclists.  The bill is a response to the fact that too many U.S. roads are built for cars only, and that this creates unnecessary safety risks to pedestrians and cyclists.  This doesn’t make sense when one third of Americans don’t have access to a car and when half of all trips are within a 20-minute bike ride.

Transportation For America reports:

H.R. 4722 would enable communities to compete on merit for targeted funds to complete active transportation networks to enable Americans to walk or bike safely and conveniently. With the high costs of driving, mounting congestion, an obesity epidemic, oil dependence and environmental concerns, we need to have the healthy and affordable choice to travel by foot or bicycle for the shorter trips that dominate our daily routines.

If you want to support the Active Community Transportation Act, please contact your representative to ask them to co-sponsor the bill, or click here for more information.