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Google Maps has added a feature that can now give users “biking directions” upon request.  Before this update, users could only pull driving and walking directions.  The update takes into account road conditions and safety issues, but cautions that the feature is in a beta stage.  There is a link where users can report unmapped bike routes, streets that aren’t suited for cycling, and other problems.  Another cool aspect of the new biking directions feature is that multiple potential routes are given when appropriate, and the user can choose which they prefer.  To use this feature, go to Google Maps, click Get Directions, and choose Bicycling from the drop down menu.

Studies have shown that electric bikes are lower in energy use, carbon dioxide emissions, and lead emissions that cars, motorcycles, and even busses (when emissions are calculated per person.

For the full details on how electric bikes benefit the environment, check out Half Prius, Half Bike – Electric Bikes, on Mission Local.

Picture 3.pngA Modest Proposal — Bikers, Take the High Road at the explores how cyclists can be safer, adapting to the increasing number of bikes on city streets. The cheeky article includes with four recommendations on improving not only safety, but also public relations between cyclists and non-cyclists.

Check out Robert Sullivan’s entire article here.


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